Group therapy: emotions management

As human beings, we are made to experience emotions. Sometimes they are helpful and useful, but sometimes they play tricks on us by making us suffer.

That is why Stéphanie Aebischer Hamida and Richard Toth, FSP certified psychotherapists, have set up emotion management groups to assist you to:

  • understand them
  • identify and detect them
  • regulate them
  • integrate them
  • express them

This group applies to those who have:

  • regular emotional outbursts (anguish, anger, guilt…)
  • difficulties in experiencing or identifying emotions
  • grown up in a family allowing little emotional expression

A proper emotions management enables you to:

  • contribute to your well-being , be at peace with yourself, be more serene
  • develop more fully, have feeling of evolving
  • better accept and tolerate other’s emotions
  • feel more comfortable with others, with your close relatives, find your place
  • improve your physical health and your vitality

Each group consists of 8 to 10 participants. The therapy period includes 12 sessions, each session lasting 1.5 hours at the cost of 150,- chf per session. As I have a license to practice independently as an Lpsy-accredited psychotherapist in the canton of Geneva, sessions I carry out are reimbursed by complementary health assurances.