Gestalt therapy, the psychotherapy of relationship and bond, arose in the 1950s. It draws upon various practices (psychoanalysis, existentialism, phenomenology,…) and  helps the patient strengthen their ties with others,  and focus on the organization of his/her interaction with his/her environment. It also take into consideration the patient’s thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Gestalt therapy (Stéphanie Aebischer Hamida) provides:

  • The key to understanding why certain behavior continue to repeat themselves
  • A understanding of and the integration of certain difficulties in order to adapt to a changing environment

Gestalt therapy (suitable for adult and children) is useful for:

  • Personal fulfilment
  • Relationship problems (conflicts, disagreements, domestic violence, attitudes of intolerance)
  • Dealing with grief, divorce and separation
  • Burnout
  • Treating anxiety and psychosomatic disorders

Sessions last 60 minutes. An extra10/15 minutes of case study is completed in absence of the patient. As I have a license to practice independently in the canton of Geneva, consultations carried out by a FSP certified psychologist-psychotherapist recognized by Lpsy are reimbursed by complementary health insurances.